All of my life I’ve heard that it’s the most “selfish” thing that you can do, and though it is selfish, who are we to judge? We go through life, always wanting more… More clothes, more knowledge, more money, more love. Yet not everybody can acquire the little things in life that they want.
We’re taught that though we should be kind to everybody that is bestowed upon us, yet we’re also told that we need to do whatever we can to get ahead, to make us happy, to be the best in whatever we pursue. The majority of people either do one or the other, and it makes me sad that usually, it’s the latter.
Yes, I agree that we should be happy and try our hardest, but we’re knocking people down and down till they don’t want to fight anymore and they start to realize that maybe their lives aren’t worth it.
Nobody’s perfect, and some people are affected more by the traumatic experiences in their life, and then they start to feel like their life is more in a ditch than other’s. It’s not a choice, it’s an illness. I know. I’ve been through this for over half of my life.
I’ve been depressed since I was nine, and I never once woke up, proudly remarking, “I’m going to be sad today!” Though some people may seem to think they’re depressed for selfish reasons, such as attention and whatnot, depression is a major thing going around the world, and many people feel hopeless and unappreciated while feeling so.
If depression and wanting to die is a choice, then why do we have doctors for this kind of “choice”? Why is there medicine to try to cure it? I’m not saying it doesn’t help to be positive, because it helps some, but when you’re wallowing in the idea of killing yourself, you don’t see who loves you, who wants you in their life. You don’t trust anybody, so why trust it if you hear it a few times in your life? The word “love” is thrown around so much in this day and age, why should people believe it? So many people are fake and malicious, how can you prove to somebody that you care?
To all of you who thinks it’s SO easy, think about the people around you. Have you ever thought to take time out of your selfish lives to go show somebody that you’re a legitimate friend and/or that you care about them? Probably not. Everybody is so wrapped up on “me, me, me,” and when something crazy happens such as a death of some sort, they stop what they’re doing for maybe a few days and then go back to their normal routine.
Now I’m not saying that your life isn’t important. I’m not saying to not go to school, not go to work, not take care of yourself and et cetera, but sometimes start to realize how you treat other people, whether it be a simple hello or a smile or actually sitting down with somebody and being their friend to see if they’re okay.
So many people who are depressed or alone, whether it be in their minds or in a crowd, and it’s physically a struggle to try to be happy and try to let people know that they’re okay.
I’ve been going through this for almost ten years now, and I can simply say that the last ten years have been a bitch, but I’ve gotten through it. I’ve saddled the horse of life and death more times than I can count, and even though I failed once, I was given the chance to try again. Some people aren’t that lucky.
If you love somebody, show it. If you need somebody, there is help, whether it be in an authorized figure, friend, or a doctor. Everybody needs to stop passing the word “love” around like it’s candy and start to mean it. If our main goal in life is to be happy, then try to look around you and guide other’s to the same pathway. It will all be okay.
Remember that this is just my opinion and how I view it, especially as the victim. I’m not trying to state any facts or say that everybody is like me. I’m just asking for you to put yourself in your shoes and realize that you could be helping them sink lower.

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