The “thisiswhatshappeningandyoumightgetbored” Post.


Technically, I’ve been here for three days already, but I finally got a WiFi connection, so there’s that.

These past three days have been amazing, yet so, so exhausting. I wouldn’t say I have jet lag, but waking up around 4:30 or so every morning, because I’m only used to getting six or seven hours a night and then for the most part, staying up for the rest of the day. Everybody that I’ve met has been so sweet so far, and I’m excited to meet more people! Also the food hasn’t been too terrible… 😉

So Monday was insane —
I finished up packing and then we all drove to the airport. I was so blessed by everybody who was there to send me off!! My mom, of course, but also Sarah, Martin, Erin, Emma, Matt, Abhilash, Spike, Mary, Anferne, Natalie, Annie, Emma, and Taylor! ❤ Then afterwards, the freak-out came. So back in February when Stef and I booked our flights, we had originally booked our flights for 1:59pm. Then a few months later when I checked the website, it turns out that my flight had changed to 1:45pm. That’s cool. Only fourteen minutes before, right? So for the past few weeks, Stef and I have slightly been in disagreements, because I kept on telling her that she should be at the airport by 11:45, and she kept on telling me that it was too early. So when it was time for me to board my flight, I freaked out, because Stef wasn’t there. It was unreal. I almost asked the flight attendant to call her over the PA to make sure I wasn’t just missing her. (…actually I did ask him to, but I backed out last minute to not cause her embarrassment if she was actually on the flight.)

After, I land in Charlotte, I turn my phone on and spoke to Stef’s mom on Facebook, just to realize… Her flight was at 3:45, and she was actually freaking out, because she thought I got cold feet. Talk about crazy. You would think if they changed the flights to two people who booked the same flight, they would book them on the same flight…

Anyway, besides almost losing my passport (hi Mom, I love you. don’t hate me.), everything else was fine. The second flight was a bit horrible, mainly because I was exhausted and didn’t sleep the night before and there was so much turbulence on the plane that I couldn’t really fall asleep with the exception of 2 hours on my 8 hour flight, and we got there right on time.

Then Tuesday happened, and I realized I lost six hours of my life in a plane, because it was suddenly 9:30AM —
After we landed, went through passport control, and picked up our baggage, it was time to go to a host home! Andrew (Stef’s boyfraaan) picked us up and then we headed to Rotherham (about an hour and a half away from the Manchester airport) and he dropped me off at the Malones’, who are actually Naomi’s (Stef’s team leader last year) host parents. She was house-sitting somewhere else that night. 🙂 Super sweet people and within that time, I got to set up my phone, so I can contact people.

Oh, yeah, cool fact. My first meal in England was a cheese sandwich. Not a grilled cheese sandwich, but a cheese sandwich. And my first evening meal was chicken fajitas. (I miss you, Joe T.’s and Mercado’s……….) Also, instead of breakfast-lunch-dinner, they say breakfast-dinner-tea here. ’tis weird.

Wednesday —
I woke up at 3:30 in the morning (I still got six hours of sleep, mind you…) Breakfast happened, and then we went touristing! We got to visit this amazing humongous house called the Wentworth Woodhouse, and it’s actually the largest housefront in all of Europe! There are 365 rooms (one for every day of the year…) and over 300-400 years old. In-sane. We also went to a couple pretty old churches, and then we went home, had lunch and then I got to beast myself around the train station with Naomi and Stef. 🙂 I’m in absolute love with the train station, with the exception that it goes really fast and I get motion sickness easily… (Note to self: Grab some motion sickness pills from Tesco.)

Thursday —
I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, because I had to use the restroom and accidentally locked myself out of the room, so I stayed up till the other girls woke up a few hours later, just to find out that I didn’t push the door hard enough… Also, walked a mile while it was sprinkling to the grocery store to go buy groceries (duh), walked a mile and a half back *uphill* and it was horrible, and I’m so out of shape.

Today —
I went to a fish and chips place today called “The Codfather” and it was pretty awesome. The amount of food you get and a drink for right under £3 is insane. I ended up giving the majority of my food to Shannon and Lola, ha. Other than that, I finally got WiFi and here I am!


It’s been pretty surreal here. I’m excited for FT to start on Sunday, because right now, I’ve just been feeling like I’ve been on this strange vacation that I don’t truly deserve. I get to see pretty sights and lovely clouds, and ah. I just don’t really know how to react to much. I’m trying to take everything one day at a time, but I still get so anxious and I don’t like it. I’m still waiting for confirmation onto a team, which I really hope I’ll get to know by Sunday, so I can get to know my team members during FT and not just stand there by myself… I think it’s a tad bit harder, because though everybody thinks I’m so social, I don’t truly feel as if I am. I feel out of my element here, and though I like everyone and everybody likes me so far in return, I think I just need to get used to everything more before I feel comfortable.

Anyway, I’m in Burnley till September 6th, and then I’ll head out to a more permanent location. I’ll update when I know where that is.
Please pray for me for my heart, FT, and all of us that are involved.
Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


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