It’s Cool when Things Happen.

So as all of you guys know… I’m a pretty clumsy person. A pretty stubborn one also. Things just happen, and I end up with bruises or scars around my body, and I’ve accepted it.

I woke up last Monday with the most severe hip pain. I didn’t understand why it hurt so bad, but it did. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sit. It even hurt to lay down. People prayed over it, and of course, I did too, but it just wouldn’t stop. Since I’m just a charity worker over here in England and I don’t have the adequate health insurance from back home to cover any medical expenses, I couldn’t check out what was actually wrong by any doctors, so I’ve also learned to accept that.

One of guys I help out in the office at Hebron (my placement church), Joel, ended up asking me a question I didn’t think of before, “Didn’t you take a hard fall a few weeks ago? Could that be it?”

Well, guys, here’s a story you may or may not know… Almost four weeks ago, I fell down the stairs in my placement home. It wasn’t just a tumble… It was a pretty awful blow that made my right hip hit every. single. step. on the way down, and they’re steep stairs also! I never thought of my fall to be the reason behind my hurt hip, especially since it had been so long afterwards and there is no discoloured bruise anywhere on my body, but that’s probably the most logical reasoning behind it right now.

Anyway, last night I decided last minute to attend a healing seminar that was being hosted by one of my friends’ church in town centre of some guy back in Texas. I have to be honest… I didn’t care for the healing seminar. I believe that God is our Healer, and He can heal us if we pray, but I also knew that people pray all the time and still have horrible diseases or pains that have lasted for years, so I may have been a bit apathetic… and going for the wrong reasons… I went into it for good worship (one of my new friends was leading) and to hang around my other friends that I’ve just recently gotten more closer to.

After worship, as I was listening to the guy talk, he said something that stuck out to me… “God wants you to proclaim Him as Healer just as much as you to proclaim Him as Saviour.”

That took a while for me to process. I mean… Obviously, Jesus is our Saviour. He died on the cross for our sins. And like I said earlier, obviously Jesus is our Healer. But how many times do we say the words, “Jesus is my Healer,” but don’t put any oomph in it? We pray for people in the hospital and pray that God have His way, which I think is great, and sometimes we even don’t think we’re good enough for his Healing, which is also true, but I honestly don’t believe we put enough confidence in His power. ’cause honestly…

1.) “Healing is God’s idea.”
2.) “God isn’t going to heal us because we’re good or not heal us, because we’re bad. He’s going to heal us, because of what Jesus has already done for us.”

We believe that God is our great Father, a greater father than any earthly one, and a good father will do whatever he can for his child, so shouldn’t we trust God to do more?

Anyway, after he finished speaking, I limped over to a prayer group in pain, and I asked for prayer. Over my hip, over my knee and ankle, and over all of my mental illness issues. And I proclaimed for the first time, “God, you are my Healer, and I believe you have full authority over my body.”

And I have to admit now… I can sit. And walk. And jump. And run. I’m not 100% better, but basically my hip only hurts if I strain it (bending, stretching, etc.) and I woke up this morning happier than I have in weeks.

Praise God.

Ps. I’ve heard countless testimonies last night of people feeling so much better, physically and mentally, including one from my team leader. Our God is such a good God to us.

Pps. A verse that I’ve been dwelling on lately: “Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told. (‭Habakkuk‬ ‭1‬:‭5‬ ESV) We see a broken world. One that it’s hard to see Him in… But our God is doing so much that we don’t see! In people’s hearts, in people’s lives, and when we die and reach His Kingdom is when I’m sure we’ll get to see the full picture. We just need to keep on proclaiming His Goodness and loving on people how He wants us to. We’ll get there.


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