Love has Not Won.

I am not here to speak on behalf of the Jesus followers who believe that homosexuality is wrong. I am also not here to speak on behalf of the non-Christians who believe that the Christians are too stuffy. Because honestly, I do believe the act of homosexual intercourse is wrong, and I do believe that most Christians are too stuffy.

But the point of this post, and what has been bothering me for the past over 24 hours is that despite no matter how many times we use the hashtag #LoveWins, love has NOT won.

I’ve seen and read so many posts filled with hatred and anger on the Internet yesterday and today, and it truly makes me sick. And this isn’t just coming from the people who are frustrated with the new same sex marriage law, but it’s also from the people who are happy that America has finally granted homosexual marriages. I expected it from the Christians, but I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the latter response.

We live in a society that “just wants to be happy” and that wants love to take over the world. Great. I’m all for that. Harmony and kindness SHOULD take over the world. But people cannot and should not use the hashtag #LoveWins or anything to that extent and say other things with a hateful heart.

My heart broke as I read posts yesterday that said things such as:

  • “There’s a pastor who mentioned he would set himself on fire if same sex marriage ever became legal. Who wants to roast some marshmallows or grill some steaks?!”
  • “Gay marriage is now legal in the United States and any religious, bigoted assholes who don’t like it can eat shit and die.”

…and more. HOW IS THIS LOVE?

This decision was not chosen to be a contest between the two factors or to drive America further apart. Love isn’t something you can compete for. It is something you feel and you choose to do. And if love has truly won, we should all choose to love one another whether we agree with the choices the other group makes or not. 

Jesus has taught us all to love our family, friends, and neighbours, and until we (Christians and non-Christians) can stop discriminating based on sexual orientation, race, poverty, awkwardness or anything else and show kindness to one another, love can NEVER win. 

To my Christians friends: God does not love us any differently than our friends on Earth, and to think otherwise shows a lot of ignorance on our part. Even when Jesus disagreed with people, he disagreed in love and never spat hatred towards them. Jesus didn’t just die for our sins, but THEIR sins too. We need to stop being the Pharisee in the situation and be more Christ-like, or else we won’t be any different from anybody else. How can we be light in the dark, when we haven’t turned on the torch?

To my non-Christian friends: All I want to say is that I love you all, and I hope you’ll find True Love one day. This is a decision that will change history in America forever, and I’m so glad we’re getting closer to a world that is a bit less discriminatory, but until we are completely tolerant of everything, we won’t be content with anything. And as humans, we will never ever be completely tolerant of everything. And honestly, I don’t think anybody actually wants to be. We live in a world of rules and structure, and we need it, or else we’d be living in complete chaos. Also, go get married if you want, I guess. 🙂 Be happy. But I do want to mention that I hope I get to see all of y’all in Heaven someday. 

Ok, my rant is finally over. Everybody can go do whatever they want to follow. I’m just gonna go try to be kind.


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