The List.

Yesterday, I mentioned some qualities that I need for my future boyfriend/husband/person to have. Today, I decided to put down my “non-negotiable” list. So here it goes…

  1. The boy must love Jesus. Not in a “I go to church and know who Phil Wickham” is, but in a radical, “Let’s show everybody the love of God and change the world, because OUR God is a God of adventure.” way. I need Him to guide me closer to Jesus when I’d rather lay in bed and sleep instead. I need him to listen to my theological questions and try to answer them, no matter how stupid or deep they may be. I want him to sit down and be able to talk to me for hours about the passions God has placed in his heart and just talk about theology. I need for him to proactively just pray for things, and if he’s open to travelling the world to share about Jesus, all the better.
  2. I need somebody who’s loving and encouraging, yet also wants me to grow and be developed. There’ll be days where I just need to know that life will be okay, whether that’s in a touch, in words, or even in time. But at the same time, after I wallow for a bit, I need someone who will challenge me and push me to be better than I could’ve ever imagined and stronger than I could ever think of to be. I want someone who will speak truthfully to me and who will help me figure out how I can use my gifts and strengths even moreso, yet also someone who will understand that I need to be still and for things to be quiet.
  3. He must be humble, passionate, and kind. I understand that everybody is a bit judgmental at times, myself included, but I want my husband to be the person who will go out of his way to make sure the homeless person is fed. I want him to be the kind of person who listens to others as they share about their passions, and I want to see his face light up because their face is lighting up. I want him to come home with different projects he wants to get involved with, all because he can’t stand to see injustice in the world around him. Though he is able to take a joke when friends are playing around, I want him to be the man that people get truly excited to be around. I want them to feel about him the way I would, even if he slightly would probably make fun of me for loving One Direction.
  4. I want him to crave adventures with me. I love organisation and I love schedules and diaries, but there’s just something about spontaneity that makes my heart flutter. Whether it be surprising me with a day trip driving to the middle of nowhere just because the place has won a barbecue contest or exploring coffee shops or trying out new foods, I want to experience life with my husband.
  5. He has to be life-smart. I know the accurate term for this is “street-smart,” but I like “life-smart” more. On top of knowing how to do things like knowing how to budget, buy insurance, and file taxes, I want him to be the person who knows how and when to apologise genuinely. I want him to be able to rationally, yet still enthusiastically be able to father our children and be my husband. I want him to have experiences and be able to be a storyteller, because he’s lived them, not because he’s simply just listened to them.

Aaand, I think those are my five non-negotiables. Can’t wait to see who this ends up being!


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